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Dynamic Digital Advertising specializes in creating professional multimedia websites and CD-ROMs. The integration of text, digital audio, digital video, web graphics, databases, and digital animation helps information come to life. With the use of multimedia, your company's website can become a fully interactive Internet website for your customer's use and a platform for new customers to find all the information about your company's products and services in an easy-to-use interface.

Multimedia presentations can be an excellent tool for showing all the facets of your company's operations and products. Mechanical processes can be demonstrated with digital animations or digital video and audio productions. Databases of products can be made searchable for customers who are looking for a particular item that your company produces. Flash animation can enhance the entire visual appearance of your website or CD-ROM.

Dynamic Digital Advertising works hard to create fully functional and visually stunning multimedia Internet websites. By adding the multimedia dimension to a website's design, enhanced communication is established between the viewer and the information being accessed. The interactive nature of multimedia has brought website design into the 21st century; let DDA bring your website into the marketing of the future.

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Haas Group International Website
Haas Group International
Marks Jewelers Website
Marks Jewelers
ACP Website
Dorman Virtual Trade Show Booth
Philips Healthcare
Website Internet Design for Grove Medical
Grove Medical
Internet Website Design for ModernView Decking
ModernView Decking
Internet Website Design for CheckRedi
Jade Corporation Presentation
Jade Corporation
Website Internet Design for Galil Medical
Galil Medical
The Next Icon
The Next Icon
website design for Emergency Contraception
The Award Winning Emergency
Contraception Website

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internet portfolio

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